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There has been some twittersphere talk that the Android appstore is not as profitable as say Blackberry App World. Google over the course of time, seems to “hide their profits”. Google makes money off of ad revenue. They profit in the ads companies purchase inside the other apps…. which is also in the Appworld and iTunes market. So Google and the Android market is also marketing within these other stores.

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I am not so sure this is a great idea. Kids like to have their friends sign a blurb next to their photos. So unless they make the i Book editable to a point…. this”tradition” will be lost


Apple Rumors and Revelations

Last week’s announcement from Apple about iBooks 2, textbooks, and iBooks Author immediately grabbed my attention. This was mainly because I had been reading rumors for a couple of weeks that Apple might be doing something with textbooks; and since my school had implemented a 1 to 1 iPad program this year, I was pretty excited that the possibility of our students having their textbooks available in a iPad friendly format sooner than I had expected. I didn’t expect e-textbooks for my subjects to be available now, but the thought of that day moving closer had me pretty pumped.

So, when I got the email from Apple, I downloaded iBooks 2 and iPad U and did a little bit of exploring.  But this post really isn’t about that. It is about what was at the bottom of the email: the almost inconsequential blurb about iBooks…

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